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Canada's Dark History

Residental School Abuse

Much has been written lately about the legacy of residential school abuse on First Nations.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission illustrated the need for healing and reconciliation. WHat hasn't neem fully explored is how such a mammoth task is to be achieved, especially in non- indigenous communities.

Layng Enterprises Inc. will be producing a documentary that will explore the depth of trauma experienced by survivors of residential school abuse and how it impacts the rest of the country's relationshios with First Nations, with individuals and with peoples that make up the First Nation Communities.

Survivors, along with their family members and friends, will shed some light of the impact of abuse itself while representatives from churches and government will look at the ways in which they have tried to make amends.  Finally, this documentary will look at all the ways in which we can come to grips with what has happened in this dark chapter and find healing for ourselves.

Canada's Dark History: Clients
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